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L-carnitine is a natural compound that is found mostly in animal foods such as red meat, chicken and fish. A well-balanced diet provides about 100 to 300 mg L-carnitine per day. L-carnitine deficiency is rare if moderate portions of meat are ingested daily. In addition, our body produces this amino acid naturally and requirements can be reached by this way.

Recently, the supplement L-carnitine has been found to be useful as a Natural treatment for weight loss as this compound is essential for the oxidation of certain fats. L-carnitine enables long chain fatty acids to enter the cell and then be oxidized, thus facilitating the generation of energy and weight loss.

Until now, doctors believed that the use of L-carnitine as a natural treatment for weight loss was only effective in people who have a deficit of this compound as in the case of vegetarians and those with high energy requirements as athletes. However, new studies have shown that L-carnitine supplementation in people with no deficits can be an effective measure to supplement the diet for weight loss. In one study supplementation with 3 doses of 1 gram of L-carnitine daily for 10 days resulted in an increase of fat oxidation in healthy individuals without shortage of this amino acid.

Those who often follow a natural treatment for weight loss such as low-calorie diets may have lower levels of L-carnitine and, thus, likely to benefit with the addition of a dietary supplement of L-carnitine. Blood levels of L-carnitine are also influenced by the macronutrient composition of the diet. Thus, those diets that are low in calories and carbohydrates but, moderate in fat may further increase the level of L-carnitine in blood compared with high-carbohydrate low-fat diets.

Due to its facilitating role in fat metabolism, L-carnitine contributes to better utilization of these nutrients as an energy source during exercise. L-carnitine improves the uptake of fat as energy substrate in those exercises of long duration and medium intensity. As a result, people who perform physical activity endurance (running, swimming, walking, etc.) to lose weight will gain additional benefit from supplementation with L-carnitine as a natural treatment for weight loss .

A natural treatment for weight loss supplement

The addition of a supplement of L-carnitine as a natural treatment for weight loss may also be beneficial for people who are overweight associated with alterations in blood lipids (high cholesterol or high triglycerides levels). L-carnitine takes part in the normalization of these parameters, especially when associated with diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol.

There are some nutrients that are essential to maintain high levels of L-carnitine in blood and facilitate fat oxidation and weight loss:

  • Vitamin C: melon, citrus, kiwi, berries, tomatoes, peppers.
  • Vitamin B12: eggs, meat, dairy products.
  • Vitamin B2: cereals, nuts, milk, eggs, green leafy vegetables, meats.
  • Lysine: eggs, milk, legumes.

Finally, supplementation with lecithin can also diminish the levels of L-carnitine. For all this you should consult with your doctor before starting the use of a natural supplement of L-carnitine.


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Family and Environmental Medicine helps patients with Natural treatment for weight loss. Local areas served are CT, NY, NJ.

Local area including Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, Norwalk, New Canaan, Wilton CT, Westchester County, NY, NYC, and Northern NJ

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