Longevity — 70 is the new 50!

Aging is a complex process that affects everyone. You may associate aging with physical changes such as wrinkles, gray hair, and a decrease in energy levels. It can also be linked to mental and emotional changes, such as a decrease in memory and focus, or a feeling of being overwhelmed by life.

While these changes are part of the normal aging process, you may not know that aging is a chronic disease of metabolism.

The aging process is not natural, but can be reversed with the right lifestyle changes. The idea that “70 is the new 50” is becoming more and more popular, and this is due in part to the recognition that aging is a disease that can be treated. Age-related diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s, can be prevented and even reversed with lifestyle changes.

The body is like a car — you use it to experience a physical life.

Think of it this way: Your 2007 Volvo XC70 has some dings, the outside is far from perfect. But the engine is sound; You regularly change the oil and provide other maintenance. There are some minor rattles on the highway. Overall it is safe, sound, and dependable. Use the same point of view for your body and it will serve you dependably throughout your lifetime.

Rather than own the body as me, become its steward.

Take responsibility to care for it and its emotions.


Change your relationship with chronic illness and disease

When you are suffering from a chronic illness or disease you recognize that health and wellness are not working for you. You might try to manage your symptoms with pharmaceuticals that give you side effects.

You never intended to take unnatural medicines for a long stretch of years, but no one is helping you with the alternatives that match your long-term goals.

You question the long-term consequences of toxic drugs.

You believe that the stress of life is taking its toll on your mind and body. This negative point of view leads to many consequences including a spiral of negativity that leads to the fear of dying.

Experience the full potential of the rest of your life

As we age the functionality of the body becomes an unnecessary challenge if you follow a sound practice of maintenance and repair.

My approach to aging is not to prolong life, but rather to live a life of full potential.

I help my older patients focus on the following seven areas for maximum health and wellness benefits:

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