Naturopathic Medicine Principles

A guiding principle of naturopathic medicine is the physical body will heal itself when the obstacles to that healing are removed. This principle is called vis medicatrix naturae – the healing power of Nature. A second principle is to treat the whole person. This principle recognizes that a person is not only the physical body. The physical, emotional, and spiritual are integral parts of the whole person.

To live within these principles of naturopathic medicine should not be expensive. The greatest obstacles to health that we face as a culture today are the tens of thousands of man-made chemicals and natural toxins that suppress our immune system. These chemicals also trigger gene expression that leads to diseases. Avoidance is critical for good health. It is a matter of making conscious choices about the foods that are consumed.

Stress plays an important role in our health. But it is not only how we manage stress. Releasing negative feelings while focusing on positive thoughts is the most powerful practice of natural medicine that leads to well-being and happiness.


The tips in the following list support these naturopathic medicine principles:

  • Eat colorful vegetables and fruits; avoid processed sugar, potatoes, flours, or hydrogenated oils.
  • Drink the purest water available.
  • Eat raw and lightly cooked seasonal foods so that you limit exposure to roasted, baked and fried foods.
  • Use natural cleaners and glass containers so that you avoid plastics and harsh chemicals in the home and in food preparation. Grow house plants that absorb toxins in the air.
  • Enjoy relaxing heat therapies such as baths, steam and saunas.
  • Eat organic and free-range foods when available.
  • Expand your mindfulness by daily spiritual practice of meditation and/or contemplation.
  • Move your body; walk, don’t drive; take the stairs.
  • Work on body mechanics by stretching and strengthening weak muscle groups.
  • Stay connected: strengthen relations with your family and friends.  Be active in your community!

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