What Are Natural Remedies For Weight Loss – The Detoxification Solution

Many overweight people are asking What are Natural remedies for Weight Loss? One of the major obstacles to success at losing weight is not being able to move past a plateau.  Clinical experience shows that optimal liver function plays an important role in lipid metabolism (“fat burning”) and a medically-based detoxification program is a successful strategy for lowering toxic load and improving liver function.

The liver becomes the factor that limits fat burning and ultimately weight loss. Most toxins are fat soluble and are stored in fat cells.  In order to use stored fat as energy, the liver must first convert the fat to triglycerides then to sugar.  The liver cannot effectively convert fat to sugar if there are toxins slowing down the system.

Fasting is an inadequate and potentially dangerous strategy for liver detoxification.  A medical food that is specifically designed to enhance and support liver function along with nutritional and dietary changes is a better way to maximize detoxification efforts. When a medical food is selected it must contain ingredients that provide solutions for What are Natural Remedies for weight loss.

What are Natural Remedies for Weight Loss – One Option

One of the options that answers the question What are Natural Remedies for weight loss is green tea. In one study published in the Journal Obesity by Penn State food scientists mice were fed a high fat diet along with green tea. The results showed that green tea was a natural remedy for weight loss because the mice had lower weight gain. Green tea should be included with the medical food for weight loss.

Natural Remedies for Weight Loss – Areas We Serve

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