Anxiety and weight gain

You’ve gained weight. You’re always stressed out. The extra weight is stressing you out even more, but you have too much on your mind to do anything about it. Instead you eat pizza, drink wine, and stress some more.

If this is you, you’re not alone.

For several reasons, weight gain and anxiety often go hand in hand. Common side effects of anxiety are fatigue and lack of energy. It can also make us feel depressed and unmotivated. These things make living an active lifestyle very difficult.

It’s also very common for people to cope with their anxiety with food. Eating makes us feel good, even if it’s just for a short period of time. Eating comfort foods, which are generally not very good for you, make us feel even better. Alcohol is another common coping mechanism for people suffering from anxiety, which also causes weight gain over time.

The Stress Hormone – Cortisol

On top of that, when we get stressed out, our bodies release a hormone called cortisol, and studies have shown that having increased levels of cortisol in your system can cause our bodies to store extra fat in our stomach.

Overweight Feels Awful

To make matters worse, being overweight is its own stressor. It puts a person at a higher risk for many illnesses and diseases and often leads to a lower quality of life and self-esteem. Just a few more things to be anxious about in the first place.

Weight loss remedies – Managing Emotions

The best way to lose weight is through eating healthy and regular exercise. If you’re also struggling with anxiety, you’re going to need to get that under control before you’re able to successfully and permanently lose weight.

Some natural ways to treat anxiety include meditation and practicing mindfulness, getting enough sleep, and cutting down on alcohol, caffeine, and other substances. Healthy food and exercise can also help ease stress.

When you feel your anxiety is making it hard to function or holding you back from losing weight, seeking professional help to manage your emotions to lose weight is the next step.

Help with anxiety and weight loss with Dr. Gary Gruber

Dr. Gary Gruber is a licensed naturopathic practitioner and holistic health counselor. He owns Family and Environmental Medicine where he specializes in helping his patients find natural solutions for weight gain caused by stress and anxiety.

If you’re struggling with losing weight and need help getting control over your anxiety, contact Dr. Gary Gruber.

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