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Hi, I’m Dr. Gary Gruber.

Licensed Naturopathic Physician & Practitioner.
I help you break the cycle of anxiety, fatigue and burnout while transforming your life into health, vitality and well being.

Perhaps you have an ailment that traditional medicine has no answer for. Or, maybe you don’t like the toxic prescription your doctor has offered.

After examining my patients’ charts from the past 15 years, I found that those with chronic conditions healed faster and more completely when we first worked on the underlying mental issues (often a mix of stress, anxiety, and depression). Once the negative emotions are handled and released, the body reestablishes homeostasis (i.e., harmony and balance).

Patients have described my technique as, “part medical doctor, part herbalist, part therapist.” To me, these qualities are part of a bigger picture. One that ends with you feeling better … fast.

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Heart Strengths Therapy

Imagine yourself about 3,500 years ago; its after your last meal of the day, the clan is settling down for sleep and you decide to go for a walk along your favorite path. You know the one, the path along the lake that is always peaceful and tranquil.

As you walk along, noticing the wonderful scent of flowers in the air, the breeze across the lake is just cool and gentle, all is good.

Suddenly you hear a thrashing in bushes and you turn around to see a large black bear running on the path directly toward you.

What do you do? Do you run? Do you hold your ground and fight? Do you freeze with terror?


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A Naturopathic Practice Serving Fairfield and Westchester Counties

In our medical practice, we are licensed naturopathic doctor and practitioners. Our naturopathic physician practice is in New Canaan, Connecticut.

We are highly trained in both conventional and traditional (natural) medicine.
Our practice is patient focused which allows us to develop an individualized treatment plan for you. It means that we must listen very closely and carefully to your health concerns so that the treatment plan is appropriate and accurate for you. Ultimately, you are the healer and we facilitate a plan to help you remove the obstacles to your healing. Research has shown that the more involved a patient is with the decisions about his/her treatment, the better the clinical outcome.




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