The Vice President of LiveO2, Tom Butler, recently appeared on the Whole Life Challenge podcast.

We are reposting this recording on our website for you to listen to an exquisite explanation of the Adaptive Contrast™ system that we are using in our New Canaan office.

**Tip: skip ahead to around the 13 minute mark to get to the actual interview…the intro is a bit long.



Oxygen is the necessary material that every cell in the body uses to make energy efficiently. If oxygen doesn’t reach the tissue, diffuse into fluids, then shuttled into the cell, energy efficiency is disrupted. When energy is inefficient the function of cells declines. It is well-established that by 50 years old, a person is absorbing 50% of the oxygen that was available during their 20’s. This decline in oxygen absorption leads to many diseases as well as aging. Oxygen Multistep Therapy reestablishes oxygen absorption and is well-established as an “anti-aging” therapy (I like to call it aging gracefully).