It is well-established that by 50 years old, a person is absorbing about 50% of the oxygen that was available during their 20’s. This decline in oxygen absorption leads to many diseases as well as aging. Oxygen is the necessary material that every cell in the body uses to make energy efficiently. If oxygen doesn’t reach the tissue, diffuse into the fluids, then shuttled into the cell, energy efficiency is disrupted. When energy is inefficient the function of cells declines. Oxygen Multistep Therapy reestablishes oxygen absorption.

Family and Environmental Medicine has made Oxygen Multistep Therapy (also known as Exercise with Oxygen Therapy or EWOT) a growing part of our practice here in Connecticut. We’re proud to be one of the few that supply this therapy in the area, especially LiveO2 in Connecticut.


Why LiveO2?

If the percentiles above weren’t enough, LiveO2 is quicker, deeper, and ultimately more effective because of the pumping action of the lungs, heart, and cardiovascular system. You may be a tad more familiar with hyperbaric oxygen treatments…and while hyperbaric treatments are typically 60 – 120 minutes, Oxygen Multistep Therapy takes only 15 minutes. LiveO2 is an alternative to hyperbaric oxygen treatments, and we feel that is a very important alternative to consider when it comes to improving your overall health!

All it takes is 15 minutes riding a stationary cycle breathing 75% – 90% oxygen.During this time we monitor heart rate, intensity, and oxygen saturation. The treatment is very safe and is available to anyone who is able to exercise.


LiveO2 is Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)

The LiveO2 advanced delivery system is the latest and most improved technology for EWOT at this time. The advantage over other basic EWOT systems is the Altitude Contrast mechanism.

The human body is so programmed for survival such that when there is any change in oxygen concentration levels that there is an immediate physiological response to preserve the most important organs and systems. We can tap into this with the LiveO2 Altitude Contrast Mechanism. The physiological change from Altitude Contrast are likened to opening the flood gates to allow massive infusion of oxygen into the tissues. The LiveO2 Altitude Contrast Mechanism allows the patient to go from sea level to approximately 19,000 feet (and back again) by the flip of a switch. With the fast change in a patient’s altitude physiology oxygen uptake is significantly increases along with the resulting impact on energy production to the neurological, hormonal, immunological communication systems of the body as well as the high energy organs such as: brain, heart, muscles, liver, kidneys, and eyes.


If you live in CT, NYC, MA, NJ, and are interested in LiveO2…There are limited spots available at our office for Live O2, so don’t miss out.

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LiveO2 in Fairfield County CT and Surrounding Local Areas

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