The LiveO2 team made a very important podcast that we wanted to highlight, with the flu having reached an “epidemic” status.  Click on the podcast player below to listen, or you can watch the YouTube version below the player!

They did a great job summarizing how to use LiveO2 to not only recover from the flu, but to also build preventative habits that boost your immunity.

Here is a comment from a patient (a 36 year-old mother of two young children) who did the LiveO2 with far infrared sauna treatment:

“LiveO2 combined with Dr. Gruber’s infrared sauna has helped me recover from colds and flus quickly. I find that I usually feel better within 12-24 hours after my first session. If I can catch a cold or flu at onset I have found that LiveO2 allows me to never actually get the illness and I am better the next day.”