Celebrating Healthy Heart Month with LiveO2!

Spring is just around the corner and we would like to help you renew your exercise goals. In six LiveO2 sessions you will feel recharged, improve cardiovascular fitness, and be ready to resume your outdoor activities. For the next month we will be booking appointments for our Healthy Heart Month Special.

Here is how it works: Book six LiveO2 sessions and you will receive each session at the special price of $60 per session (regularly $75 per session for six sessions).

Here is a review from one of our patients (52 year-old male patient): 
“I saw a dramatic increase in my health and well-being. I would recommend Dr Gruber to anyone. Overall had a great experience with LiveO2” 


Haven’t heard of LiveO2?

In 2016 Family and Environmental Medicine became the first clinic on the east coast of the United States to offer patients the most advanced system for oxygen multistep therapy, a system called LiveO2.  This advanced system that uses altitude contrast therapy has been clinically demonstrated to be more effective in LESS TIME than traditional oxygen multistep therapy, exercise with oxygen therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. In addition to reversing and slowing the effects of aging, LiveO2 has been effective in our clinic in treating chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, chronic lymphatic congestion, chronic infections and chronic Lyme disease.