In this podcast, Tom Butler explains the concept of super-oxygenation and how different parts of the body have priority for oxygenation. For many reason, certain body systems may be deficient in oxygen for extended periods of time, leading ultimately to dysfunction then disease. 


The interviewer and host, Stephan Spencer, first experienced the benefits of LiveO2 at a health conference. At the conference he met Kristen who was demonstrating the equipment and explained how LiveO2 gave her back her life. Listen to this podcast to hear her powerful testimonial about her LIFE-SAVING experience with LiveO2.

How to Boost Your Body & Brain: the Optimized Geek Podcast

Shared from LiveO2

Tom Butler, VP and Partner at LiveO2, was interviewed by the folks at Optimized Geek Podcast.  The podcast focuses on different tips, tricks, and ways to help reboot your life.  Click on the player above to hear Tom Butler talk about the science behind super-oxygenation!