Kill Your Allergies, Not Your Brain

by | Jun 10, 2017 | Allergy

Summer is a time of renewal for many. After months of hibernation, people can’t wait to break open the windows and rediscover their love of nature and the outdoors.  Unfortunately for 50 million Americans with seasonal allergies, this season of rebirth is marred by the pollen generated from the newly beautified nature. These summertime woes have recently grown considerably worse; climate change has lengthened the pollination season, and the National Wildlife Federation expects allergies to worsen for 25 million Americans due to higher than average temperatures.

Seasonal allergy symptoms can move beyond common irritation. Beyond simple runny noses and sneezing, sufferers report congestion, itching eyes and skin, and even more serious symptoms such as chest tightness and trouble breathing. Your body’s steady release of histamine to respond to the increased levels of pollen and mold in the air also increases inflammation throughout the body, which can lead to anxiety, cognitive losses, digestive issues, eczema, and migraines.

With no comprehensive cure for allergies on the horizon, millions of Americans have resorted to popular over-the-counter supplements to treat their seasonal allergy issues. While these supplements may act as a short-term fix, they also carry a myriad of side effects such as drowsiness, nausea and vomiting, and can even increase the risk of dementia. Many Americans do not have the ability to absorb days and weeks lost to allergies or medication side effects, yet are often forced to choose between two undesirable options.

Allerg-Eze is here to put a stop to all of this. The FDA-compliant formula merges science and nature, stripping out all added sugar, preservatives, artificial colors, and additives. What’s left is rapid, long-lasting allergy relief. Allerg-Eze leverages the power of Stinging Nettle to treat patients effectively without the long-term risks associated with antihistamines. In a recent study, 48% of respondents reported that nettle capsules treated their allergies more effectively than allergy medications they had utilized previously. By cutting out the unnecessary ingredients and focusing on time-honored holistic traditions, Allerg-Eze delivers a more effective and natural solution for customers in need.

“Many of our patients are pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of the AllergEze formula. It does not cause drowsiness or any of the other symptoms associated with prescription or over-the-counter pharmaceuticals.”
Dr. Gary Gruber

Let’s face it: the current options will not do. If you feel trapped between the choice of suffering through your seasonal allergies or suffering through extensive medicinal side effects of heavy drugs, understand there is a third option at your disposal. You should never be forced to side between the treacherous whims of mother nature and the padding of profits for pharmaceutical companies.

So let’s start this journey together. One day at a time, Allerg-Eze can help you get through the worst of your seasonal allergies so you can get the best out of your daily life. Whether you need to finish a project at work, drop the kids off at soccer, or just kick back and catch up on your shows, trust us to deliver the relief you need, when you need it.