Family and Environmental Medicine

Naturopathic Physician in Stamford and New Canaan, Connecticut

We’re Your Partner In Health!

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Family and Environmental Medicine

We're Your Partner In Health!

Naturopathic Physician in
Stamford and New Canaan

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Regulation Thermography

Who Should Have a Whole- Body Thermography Screening?


Whole-Body Thermography can identify underlying causes, often long before symptoms develop so healing can begin.

Naturopathic Medicine

Have You Considered The Option of Natural Medicine?

Do You Suffer From Chronic Health Problems that do Not Respond to Conventional Medicine

Are You Seeking A Personalized Comprehensive Care Center?


Are you maintaining coherence? Do you regularly practice stress management?

Understanding, recognizing, and managing feelings are a crucial part of your health.

Our heart is a great reflection of our inner emotional state.

Family & Environmental Medicine is a naturopathic practice
in New Canaan, CT & Stamford, CT.

In our medical practice, we are licensed naturopathic doctor and practitioners.  Our naturopathic physician practice is in Stamford and New Canaan.
We are highly trained in both conventional and traditional (natural) medicine.

Our practice is patient focused which allows us to develop an individualized treatment plan for you. It means that we must listen very closely and carefully to your health concerns so that the treatment plan is appropriate and accurate for you. Ultimately, you are the healer and we facilitate a plan to help you remove the obstacles to your healing.

Research has shown that the more involved a patient is with the decisions about his/her treatment, the better the clinical outcome.

If this is your first time inquiring about naturopathy, or if this is your first time seeking out a naturopathic doctor, please take watch this video!

Curious about insurance? 

Our naturopathic doctor is proud to take Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna.


About Cigna

Cigna’s roots trace back more than 200 years ago, but the today’s company was created from the merger of INA Corp and
Connecticut General Corporation in 1982.

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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

About Anthem BlueCross BlueShield

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield understand how health connects individuals and communities together. Their commitment to deliver better healthcare brings added value to their insured and improves overall health.

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