Are you looking for a naturopathic doctor in New Canaan CT?

Naturopathic Medicine recognizes that you, the patient, have very specific health issues that should be addressed on three levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Each level has its own complexity; the sum of the levels is you. This makes you a unique individual.

Our practice is patient focused which allows me to develop an individualized treatment plan for you. It means that I must listen very closely and carefully to your health concerns so that the treatment plan is appropriate and accurate for you. Ultimately, you are the healer and we facilitate a plan to help you remove the obstacles to your healing.

Research has shown that the more involved a patient is with the decisions about his/her treatment, the better the clinical outcome. When you visit our office don’t be surprised to hear questions like: What do you most fear about your illness? What impact have your symptoms had on your life? How are you hoping that I can help you today? What kind of treatment are you looking for? What do you believe is the source of your problems? Patients who choose Naturopathic Medicine are passionate for life.

Here at Family and Environmental Medicine, we believe in emphasizing the informative aspects of naturopathic medicine, and strive to make them easily accessible.

Naturopathy isn’t limited in how it can help, in fact, Naturopathic Doctors can treat many conditions…




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Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield understand how health connects individuals and communities together. Their commitment to deliver better healthcare brings added value to their insured and improves overall health.

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Cigna’s roots trace back more than 200 years ago, but the today’s company was created from the merger of INA Corp and
Connecticut General Corporation in 1982.

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