HeartMath Tool for Crisis Management – Care Focus for Transforming Fear and Panic

Due to uncertainty, the COVID-19 pandemic is causing an increase in fear and anxiety in our community.  You can see it in the faces of people while waiting in lines to enter the grocery stores as well as the folks doing the shopping.  There is no eye contact as though any recognition of another human being will cause infection.

During times of uncertainty, the fight or flight mechanism (see: Heart Strength Therapy) takes over manifesting, heart palpitations, irritable bowel, headaches, insomnia, aches and pains, and suppression of the immune system that is so vital to protecting us against disease.


To help people with managing fear during a crisis, HeartMath has posted a video called “Special HeartMath Care Focus in Response to the Corona (COVID- 19) Pandemic.”  As a certified HeartMath practitioner I received an email about this exceptional heartmath tool that I can share with our community.  Here are some highlights from HeartMath:

  • Managed concern is a health-conscious replacement for fear.
  • The Care Focus (see video below) compassionately helps transform the intensity of personal fear into a more grounded attitude.
  • This provides clearer thinking, effective discernment, and much better choices through times of uncertainty and rapid changes.
  • Highly amped fear can deteriorate our two most important purposes — maintaining health and clarity in our reasoning.
  • Research has shown that balancing the energetic nature of our mind and emotions, while practicing compassionate care for others and ourselves enhances the immune system.
  • The attitude of managed concern leaves us more in charge of our mental and emotional nature — and provides easier access to our intuitive guidance and highest choices. Fear disrupts this connection, especially when we need it the most, for grounded direction.
  • The Care Focus practice can help us become progressively more empowered and confident when we find ourselves challenged by fear and intense anxiety.


If you have never used HeartMath tools to manage your emotions, you have the opportunity at this time to jump in with this video. As a seasoned practitioner I found practicing this tool helps calm ramped-up mental and emotional energy. By radiating compassion I have the opportunity to help others with mounting and pent-up emotions.



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