Cold and flu season is upon us.

Getting a cold or the flu is miserable and in some case can be debilitating. Here are ten simple tips that can help you get through the winter season feeling happy and healthy.  If you do get a cold or flu, we have natural remedies that support your immune system so the recovery period is quick and complete.

  1. Get a good night sleep – Sleeping can boost your immune system which is crucial for defending against cold viruses. It allows your body to repair and heal itself and to fight infection.
  2. Exercise – Moderate exercise 30 – 60 minutes a day increases immune function and leave you feeling happy and stress free.
  3. Stimulate your lymphatic system – The lymphatic system’s function is to cleanse toxins and to protect against harmful invaders. The lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump and relies on the relaxation and contraction of muscles. Jumping jacks, jumping on a trampoline or turning on cold water for 30 seconds at the end of your daily hot shower are great ways to stimulate the lymphatic system.
  4. Eat foods containing zinc – Zinc enhances and supports the immune system which aids in the prevention of colds as well as decreases the duration of a cold should you get one. Example of foods high zinc are oysters, pumpkins seeds and toasted wheat germ.
  5. Eat Garlic – Garlic has antimicrobial properties that can ward off bacteria and viruses. It is very easy to be creative and include garlic in your meals.
  6. Wash your sinuses – Nasal irrigation using net pots and saline sprays help to rinse bacteria, viruses and allergens from the nasal passage.
  7. Be happy – A positive attitude can go a long way to keeping you healthy. It promotes changes in your body that strengthens your immune system and makes you less susceptible to illness.
  8. Drink water – The winter air and indoor heating can be very drying. Drinking plenty of water hydrating the body keeps your body and immune system working efficiently.
  9. Hand washing – Being diligent about washing your hands can prevent the spread of viruses to yourself and others.
  10. Use Dr. Gruber’s Emergency Pack at the first sign of a cold or fever – The emergency pack is a three day supply of high potency Vitamin D3 and Vitamin A. These vitamins act like hormones to communicate with your innate immune system. Vitamin D helps regulate the immune system and can dramatically reduce your risk of getting a cold or the flu. Vitamin A plays a role in immune system health and may prevent a cold from taking hold.


Emergency Pack

If you want to have an emergency pack on-hand, please call the office (203) 539-1149 to order.