Whole Body testing with Regulation Thermography

With 10 trillion cells the human body has an exquisite way of communicating. There is chemical communication known as hormones. There are electrical signals that flow along the nerves while the immune system with various types of cells are the mediators.   What if, we could eavesdrop into this intricate system of chatter and use the information to diagnose, assess, and treat complex health conditions. We can, using a very sensitive thermometer to measure various temperature points on the skin that correlate to organ system function. We call this sophisticated listening system Regulation Thermography.



How Does it Work?

Alfa 9000 SystemAn infrared sensor measures skin temperature at over 100 points on the body before and after exposure to room temperature. Organs respond to this cooling stimulus on the skin surface via the Autonomic Nervous System. How well your nervous system is able to influence the skin temperature at each point reveals information about the health of the underlying organs.

Testing Points 2


What Is The Test Like?

Women TestingWomen TestingThe 20-minute test is gentle and non-invasive.  You stand fully clothed as the first set of measurements is taken.  Then you gradually disrobe to your underwear to expose your skin for a ten-minute cooling period before the points are measured a second time.  The test data is then computed by the system and the results are returned instantly for consultation and follow-up.



Here is a short Office Talk containing FAQs about Regulation Thermography testing.


Here is a short OFFICE TALK where Dr Gruber explains the differences between Breast Thermography and Regulation Thermography

Here is a short OFFICE TALK where Dr Gruber explains the differences between Mammography and Regulation Thermography