Summer Special: LiveO2 (Ends Aug. 31)

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Have you have experienced a loss of energy? Perhaps wrinkles, or brain fog?

If so, then LiveO2 can make a world of difference. The sun-filled Summer days are when we should feel our best, and now you can experience the benefits of a true anti-aging system at an unbeatable price!

Haven’t heard of LiveO2?

In 2016 Family and Environmental Medicine became the first clinic on the east coast of the United States to offer patients the most advanced system for oxygen multistep therapy, a system called LiveO2.  This advanced system that uses altitude contrast therapy has been clinically demonstrated to be more effective in LESS TIME than traditional oxygen multistep therapy, exercise with oxygen therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. In addition to reversing and slowing the effects of aging, LiveO2 has been effective in our clinic in treating chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, chronic lymphatic congestion, chronic infections and chronic Lyme disease.

“I love this therapy. I found it to be so beneficial to my health and overall well-being. It has been a few months since I have stopped but I feel it has longevity i.e. my sense of smell is acute as ever and I am still very focused. I am looking forward to resuming it again.”

66 year old female patient

***Sign up for 13 life changing sessions and pay $60 a session!***

We are suggesting that patients consider at least 13 weekly treatments. Many patients are opting for biweekly treatments over a 6-week cycle

This was a very successful summer special in 2016, call the office to schedule your sessions before the calendar fills up! Limited spots

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