Why would you be interested in Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic Medicine recognizes that you, the patient, have very specific health issues that should be addressed on three levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Each level has its own complexity; the sum of the levels is you. This makes you a unique individual. My practice is patient focused which allows me to develop an individualized treatment plan for you. It means that I must listen very closely and carefully to your health concerns so that the treatment plan is appropriate and accurate for you. Ultimately, you are the healer and I facilitate a plan to help you remove the obstacles to your healing.

Research has shown that the more involved a patient is with the decisions about his/her treatment, the better the clinical outcome. When you visit to my office don’t be surprised to hear questions like: What do you most fear about your illness? What impact have your symptoms had on your life? How are you hoping that I can help you today? What kind of treatment are you looking for? What do you believe is the source of your problems? Patients who choose Naturopathic Medicine are passionate for life.


Mercury is a well-known neurotoxin that can affect both the peripheral
nervous system and the central nervous system. The University of Calgary produced an excellent video that visually demonstrates the toxic effect that mercury has on brain tissue and the connection to degenerative diseases like alzheimers and multiple sclerosis.

WATCH THIS VIDEO:   Mercury Causes Nerve Degeneration

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